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Victorville is a great place to live. Our community is strong, resilient, and diverse. Unfortunately, Victorville has been attacked by covid-19. This virus has affected every single community on the planet, and it has taken a horrific toll on our civilization. Covid-19 has attacked our health, small businesses, and our bank accounts.

Victorville is not immune to these issues. Large segments of our population have been laid off from their jobs, and it has created a devastating ripple effect through our city. A lost job often means a loss of healthcare insurance, inability to make rent or mortgage payments, and an empty savings account.


I realize that these issues are all connected. Although these issues must be met on a federal and state level, there are some concrete steps the people of Victorville can take. I will do what I must to reassure the people of Victorville that they have a council member looking out for them. I vow to navigate government to the best of my abilities to help the people of Victorville REBUILD.

Roger LaPlante is a US Army veteran who served in the Gulf War. He currently sits on the Victorville homelessness taskforce.


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