Roger La Plante is a combat veteran of the 1st Inf Div Big Red 1. In 1985 he served in the NATO European theater of operations in the Cold War. In 1991 he served in Iraq. He was owner/operator of the Bavarian Schnitzel Factory in 1996, giving him valuable business experience. 
He graduated in 2005 from Victor Valley College using the G.I.Bill, receiving an A.S. and A.A. Roger is a Veteran rights activist and a voter registration committee chairman from 2016-present.

As a 100% Service Connected Combat Veteran, He continues to serve the community as a Chairman of the San Bernardino County Voter Registration Committee, He is a member of a California Veterans Caucus. He is a Lifetime Member of the VFW and volunteers with the Veterans Administration, Works with the City of Victorville, California on the Homelessness Task Force to try to find solutions to the Emergency on our streets.

                                                                   Roger was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and joined the U.S. Army in 1982 serving with the 101st Airborne Division, where he earned his Air Assualt Wings and 3/7 Cavalry 3rd Infantry Division in Germany on the East German border. He was redeployed to the Middle East for the Persian Gulf War, and He served during Operation Desert Storm to liberate Kuwait. After the war, He was stationed at the National Training Center, Fort Irwin California, where He served as a Quality Control Inspector and Mayor of the National Training Center Dustbowl.

It’s time to bring back the "We the People" culture our nation was founded on. Our citizens have become disconnected from the original principle of citizen leaders. As your representative, I will work hard for"We the People".


Veterans Advocate/Former Small Business Owner Age: 57 Victorville is an amazing city with so much potential. As a former local small business owner and a longtime community volunteer, I understand the improvements we need in our neighborhoods. We should preserve our historic past and actively pursue new ideas to ensure a brighter future for us all. I’m running for Victorville City Council to bring the creative, pragmatic, and collaborative solutions we need for the Mojave River Valley. My priorities:  Strengthen Economic Development – by attracting and retaining small businesses and non‐profits in our city, developing more middle class jobs, and creating conditions for sustainable growth.  Improve Public Safety – by working with our public safety officials to target and eliminate property crime and bolster our police and fire resources.  Enhance Residents’ Quality of Life – by seeking partnerships to improve public transportation options, improve our air and water quality, fix our streets and sidewalks, and beautify our neighborhoods. To learn more about me and my vision for our City, or to contact my campaign, please visit I hope to earn your support. Let’s help Victorville achieve its full potential. Let’s make change together. Vote Roger La Plante for Victorville City Council 2020.