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Roger was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. He joined the Army a short time after high school. After his time in the military, Roger worked at Fort Irwin as a Defense Contractor Quality Control Inspector. He then moved to Victorville and has been living in the beautiful High Desert since.


Roger La Plante is a combat veteran of the 1st Inf Div Big Red 1. In 1985 he served in the NATO European theater of operations in the Cold War. He then served in Iraq as part of Operation: Desert Storm. After his army career Roger opened a small business restaurant by the name of Bavarian Schnitzel Factory, showing him the hardships small businesses face.


In 2005 he graduated from Victor Valley College using the GI Bill, receiving an A.S and A.A. Roger is a veteran rights advocate, making sure veterans are represented in local politics. He is also a voter registration committee chairman 2016 - present.


Recover, Rebuild, Re-surge

We live in unprecedented times. History has shown us that pandemics devastate humanity time and time again. Knowing history helps us to adapt and react, but just knowing history does not make living through it any less scary. We need leaders who can merge the wisdom of hindsight with scientific facts of today. We have made amazing progress with medical technology as a species since the last wide-spread pandemic.  

Leadership is not knowing everything. Leadership is to delegate. Leadership is inspiring others to do their best work.  I will find the best people I can for any job that crops up. People who can help Victorville recover from a debilitating virus. People who can rebuild Victorville. Our infrastructure, employment rate, and our faith in each other. With the right people, Victorville will re-surge back, better than ever. A city for all people. A city by all people.


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